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 Jennifer Jean Patrick 
2- Star Instructor

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Committed to helping Parelli students achieve their dreams
I dreamt of having my very own horse

  Like most little girls, I dreamt of having my very own horse.  I never imagined that dream would wait until I was 26 to come true.  When the timing was right, the search began for my perfect horse, and in my mind, that horse would be an Appaloosa, with a colorful spotted coat.  I cannot recall how many horses I met during this stage of my journey, most looked broken in spirit, some broken physically and others were just plain scared. My dream was fading. I broke down and responded to an ad for Spanish 
Mustangs.   There were 3 of them in the pasture, one bay colt, one roan colt, and one chestnut filly. I was told we would go to the middle of the pasture and stand, my horse would choose me. Not five minutes passed when I was advised to slowly turn around and see…….One Chestnut Filly, seeking out me!  

Her name is Mariah

She is named after a character in one of my favorite romance novels, a spirited and fiery red head. Her name is Mariah, meaning beloved, loved and  star of the sea.  Her name is Mariah like the wind.  I purchased all three.   

Green on green equals black and blue

Life was bliss for awhile, then the newness wore off and reality set in. I did not understand why she was always so scared, why she never stood still, why she ran and ran. I read books, researched on the internet, asked horse people for help, even took a lesson or two. Tranquilize her, buy this bit or that, sell her or she will kill you! Fortunately, God put my dynamite in a small package, provided me with enough instinct, common sense and fear to keep me from getting hurt physically, but mentally and emotionally I was being torn in two. 

The biggest Dreamer of them all

In 2004, I saw an ad in Horse Illustrated for Pat Parelli; he was coming to San Antonio. I purchased tickets on the recommendation of my boss, Dr. Yarbrough, DVM. I was amazed to say the least, but not convinced. Pat and Linda Parelli did not know my horse, she was crazy and going to kill me! Thank God again, my Mom leaned over and said, “I can see you being a Parelli instructor,” bought the whole kit and caboodle and my home study began.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

In 2008, my journey was taken to a new level when I began to study with 3 Star Licensed
Parelli Instructor Keri April.

My dreams are my reality

In 2010, Mariah and I  made it to the Parelli University in Colorado where I became a certified instructor. This journey is not an easy one; it is the road less traveled. Mariah and I have been through the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. When I sat in that audience in 2004, I dreamt of becoming an instructor; I dreamt of doing it with her. My 
dreams have only just begun.

The 7th Key of Success- Support

Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in me along the way. I can only hope that my story inspires and encourages others to seek out their dreams. I can only hope that I can 
pay it forward.

Yours Naturally,

Jennifer & Mariah